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Our inventory includes a wide range of selected palms, grasses, trees and shrubs plus much more! We have the perfect material for you’re next landscape project. We offer free plant ordering quotes, statewide delivery and plant brokerage.

Our services include:

  • Residential Landscaping
  • Irrigation Installation
  • Plant Installation
  • Paver Patio Design and Installation

Our Shipping Method Options

CALIFORNIA STACK is one method we use to fully load a truck with the maximum quantities desired. This method entails stacking plant containers on top of other containers, using the rims of the pots to balance. Although it can be more affordable to use this option it also has disadvantages, such as plant destruction and it takes more time to load and unload. Contact us for more information on shipping.

GROUND SINGLE/DOUBLE STACK is our second method of shipping. This transportation method is used in shelves or simply ground stacked. Although it can be more space consuming it can assure that all plants arrive in the best shape.

Customers, note that if you prefer this option it could take multiple truck loads or trips depending on quantities desired. Contact us for more information on shipping.

Plants California Stack

California Stack

Ground Single Double Stack

Ground Single/Double Stack

Delivery Truck

One of our Delivery Trucks

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